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Who Pays for a Clogged Sewer Line Repair?

If you think you may need a clogged sewer line, repaired, don't wait. It could get worse.

Slow drains, smelly pools of septic waste in the yard, and isolated areas of green, green grass are also symptoms of potential sewer line issues. It's not only visible sewage backups that should concern you.

Clogged sewer lines are preventable.
Paint, Hair, Paper Towels, Tampons, Tree Roots and Grease clog your sewer lines.

Homeowners are often confused about who pays for inspection and repairs to sewer and drain pipes. If a pipe on your property is damaged or clogged, you are probably the responsible party.

While it is typically true that a public sewage company is responsible for the sewer main at the street, a homeowner is usually responsible for the sewer and septic lines within the properties boundaries.

Problems caused by sinkholes, which are common in the Lehigh Valley region, and tree roots, regardless of whose property or easement the tree grows on, are not covered by the utility company.

In order to avoid costly sewer line repairs, you'll need to contact your homeowners insurance agency to discuss options to add these optional endorsements to your homeowners insurance policy.

In most cases, if the sewer line damage is unexpected, sudden, and caused by a covered peril, it may be covered by your homeowners insurance, up to the policy amount limit. But, most damages to a sewer line are caused by lack of maintenance, tree roots or pests, which a standard homeowners policy does not cover.

Ask your insurance agent about additional coverage for sewer lines if you have an older home.

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